Key Benefits of Frozen Dough

Frozen dough are dough pieces which have undergone freezing and frozen storage prior to proofing and baking steps. It is one of the fastest growing segments in the baking industry and is driven by a need for consistent product quality and convenience and the ability to produce freshly-baked products any time.

iBake presents artisanal quality breads and rolls in versatile, ready & easy-to-use frozen dough, giving products that are as good as those made from scratch by skilled bakers.

This breakthrough method in new baking technologies provides an abundance of benefits to a variety of industries. By using iBake’s Premium Frozen Dough, you will experience these key benefits:

Improve Your Competitive Edge:

1. You still offer your customers freshly baked breads.

2. Breakthrough method in producing similar high quality French-style bakery products from scratch, with full flavour, texture and aroma.

3. Consistent quality of base dough, reducing reliance on skilled bakers.

4. Dough versatility enables Bakers to create your own distinctive variations to differentiate from competition.

5. Able to produce more varieties in shorter time without wasting time on mixing different types of dough.

Increase Productivity/ Efficiency:

6. Reduced workload and man hours up to 90 mins per day from mixing and resting of doughs compared to making from scratch.

7. You increase productivity using less manpower and do less laborious work.

8. Reduced product development time and effort for faster launch of new products.

Reduce Costs and Wastage:

9. Your bakeries can do away with the mixers, less ingredients and storage, leading to a cleaner environment.

10. Less wastage – use only what is required for that day

iBake has created a range of frozen dough base that can transform into almost anything – from artisan crusty breads to loaves, buns and dinner rolls. You could produce your whole range from our bases!

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